Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro Guzman

¿Quieres trabajar con un ServiceTitan Coach certificado que habla español?

Alejandro Guzman is the first, and as of this publication date, only Certified ServiceTitan Coach who is fluent in Spanish. Raised in a bilingual household in Tijuana, Baja California, Alejandro is fluent in English and Spanish. He also speaks Japanese.

Back in the olden days circa 1995, it was frowned upon to have too many different jobs on one’s resume. The thinking was, “This person is a job hopper. There must be something wrong with them if they can’t stay on a job.”

Alejandro lists 12 work experiences on his LinkedIn profile. Any less and he would be of considerably less value to our team and customers. Alejandro’s multi stop, multi faceted and multi cultured journey has served to build the foundation upon where his most important skills can come out, play and flourish.

Alejandro has four critical baseline skills. The first is empathy. He has the ability to place himself into other people’s shoes – especially our customers’. Number two is making complex matters understandable. Three is storytelling, which is actually a combination of the first two. Finally, the ability to solve problems. This last talent ties all four together. The most beautiful part of it is these skills transfer from job to job. They’ve provided the security for Alejandro to operate at a higher level than normal and that’s given him the opportunity to learn more in each role. Finally, match these skills with something he’s passionate about, like helping people learn, implement and use ServiceTitan and it distances himself from the pack…significantly.

Oftentimes glimpses into one’s past serve as a neon sign into one’s future. Leading up to Alejandro’s high school graduation he knew that he wanted to get into Japanese studies and animation. The sole responsibility to research colleges, tuition sources and the application process fell squarely upon his shoulders. This can be a daunting task for anyone, much less a high school student. Alejandro however, persevered and found Oberlin College in Ohio. It was a great fit. He graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies – Japanese Language Focus. Alejandro traveled to Japan and studied at Doshisha University for one year as part of the Oberlin degree.

That neon sign, which shines light on Alejandro’s ability to conceptualize, begin, work through and finish a complex project, also surfaced in both the writing and publication of Time Cheetah, a graphic novel that he co wrote and published along with his brother Carlos. The second part of this project was also complex; creating two successful Kickstarter campaigns for the print edition of the book.

One final skill that applies to our neon sign moniker materialized through multiple roles in tech companies where Alejandro acted as an intermediary between technical engineers and customers. It’s the ability to take a complex subject and explain it to a non-technical person. We’re most excited about this talent. Especially when that explanation reaches folks who are more comfortable speaking Spanish.

One of Alejandro’s favorite pastime activities is facilitating tabletop role-playing games (RPGs).

Alejandro is married to Carolina, a filmmaker, editor and photographer.

Alejandro and Carolina are storytellers. In their spare time they enjoy watching movies and TV shows. They are both AMC A List subscribers.