The Go Time Success Group Story

Ben Stark and Chris Hunter are transformational specialists. They have done it all. From working for others, to one-man truck operators, and building companies of value and selling them, they transformed themselves and helped others to transform in the process. In Ben’s case, he created and launched three separate HVAC businesses. Chris created and sold one HVAC business.

As passionate, giving, and faith-based family men, they share a business growth mindset and a personal desire to see their coworkers grow and develop.

One day, Ben, who was Chris’s most influential mentor, approached Chris with the idea of giving back. They realized that the pathway to their success was not luck, mysticism, or a once-in-a-lifetime shot. It was time to take action with repeatable systems, processes, and procedures built upon a foundation of important values and servant leadership. They had a deep desire to share their professional training and experience with the industry.

So the lads decided the best way to give back was to write a book and share business practices, systems, and methodologies. Busier than a Texas technician on a hot July afternoon, they found writing help in Dave Rothacker.

Dave, a thirty-nine plus year HVAC industry veteran, is also hardwired with a growth mindset, passionate about written communication, and shares the identical business beliefs as Ben and Chris.

The Genesis of the Go Time Success Group Transformation…

Over the course of two years, Ben, Chris and Dave chiseled the book out of Ben and Chris’s experiences, relationships and business methods. The result: It’s Go-Time: Ben Stark and Chris Hunter Share Insights & Strategies to Help Your Home-Service Company Succeed!

And the Transformation Continues…

The writing adventure drew Ben and Chris closer together. The Go Time Success Group blossomed out of this experience along with a merger of Ben’s training organization Growth and Profit Systems and Chris’s consulting firm. Chuck Morales, a long-time professional technical training instructor with Growth and Profit Systems joined the team.

During this period Chris started working at ServiceTitan. Today he serves as ServiceTitan’s Principal Industry Advisor. His proximity to the industry’s most advanced technology company acts as a beacon of light for the Go Time Success Group and is a natural prompt to keep us on our technology toes.

Our Vision is Revolutionary:

To transform and develop the trades.

Our Mission is Acutely Focused:

To inspire and guide trades professionals to take massive action for life changing success.

Stone-Cold Expertise

One of the unique and engaging characteristics of our team is its expertise. Our team’s talents cover the basic and most advanced elements of home service contracting. The spectrum starts with leadership and continues to management, financial, operations, sales, marketing, training, success planning, recruiting, hiring, retaining to exit strategies. Our technical division covers HVAC maintenance, service and installation. Our Certified ServiceTitan Coaching team brings deep, intricate and wide-ranging ServiceTitan software expertise delivered by ex-contracting company owners and management users. In other words they’ve walked in the shoes of our customers.

If You’re a Home Service Contractor
We Have the Team Who Can Take Your Team to a HIGHER LEVEL and Beyond.

One thing we’ve learned since Spring of 2020 and the onset of COVID is the need to keep our fingers on the pulse of the workplace and then to pivot when necessary. A recent pivot has been a makeover to the Go Time University. The refresh brings many more business and technical educational courses, certifications and best practices.

The Go Time Success Group offers business consulting, coaching, and technician / installer training services.

Our team’s detailed knowledge of business, software and technical competencies along with decades of combined in-the-trenches experience, teaching and training empowers your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for long-term positive growth.

The Go Time Success Group Core Values

Core values reflect how an organization behaves while carrying out its mission on the way to fulfilling its vision. They’re about who we are as people. Here are ours.


We do the right thing for our customers, team and others.

Transformative Educators

We work to achieve improvement for our customers and ourselves.

Massive Action Takers

We take massive action to achieve massive success.


Our honor in thinking and caring about others is unmatched.


We are approachable by everyone in every stage of their business.