Bill Talbot

Bill Talbot

“I want to take care of and provide for my family by earning a better-than-average wage! I understand that if I put in the work, pursue my education, and apply what I learn, I will get there. I have a passion to learn. I believe that important industry certifications will increase my earnings, give me confidence and open career doors.”

Sounds like a dream candidate, right?

This was Bill Talbot soon after starting in the industry as a duct cleaning helper. While in this role, Bill obtained his EPA refrigerant certification. There was no holding him back after that. Bill enrolled and graduated from a three-year vocational tech program at his next place of employment. After that company he went to work for an elite HVAC operation. “Elite?” you ask. Here’s one way: This company replaced two systems per day per crew.

Bill went from service tech to GM with a couple of management stops in between. He also obtained an Alabama contractor’s license.

Bill’s experience at this company surfaced one of his ultimate joys; the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with training and lending a hand in another person’s success.

The trajectory of Bill’s journey and his unique experiences have created a fine-tuned sense of awareness. He knows of the incredible possibilities that our industries provide. He understands the ambition and mindset it takes. He has traveled the path of education and professional certifications and is intricately familiar with the confidence and opportunities that ensue.

Put simply, Bill understands at a granular level, the positive outcome that arises from channeling a desire for excellence, a passion to learn along with a desire to share and help others.

Bill is a management and operations coach. He has first-hand knowledge of transitioning a helper to an installer, a maintenance tech to a service tech, a service tech to a team leader and a team leader to a manager. His knowledge of operations is second to none. (Do your crews install two systems per day?)

Bill’s wife’s name is Caitlin and he has two daughters, Kayli who is an adult and out of the fold and Adrian who is nine years old. They enjoy camping, bike riding and competition dance.