Darryl Otto


Phone Number: 850-496-2926

E-Mail: darryl@gotimesuccessgroup.com

Tags: Problem Solver, Trainer

Specializes in: Service practices, HVAC technical training, communication and service management

Darryl Otto

Originally born and raised in central Alabama, Darryl comes with 20 years of experience serving people through extensive customer service, nearly 15 of which have been in leadership roles in the HVAC industry. Through the years of education and extensive training with some of the top minds in the industry, hard work has been no stranger and Darryl was always willing. Beginning his career in 2007 as a HVAC Install Helper, Darryl soon grew into a service tech position, then through natural progression became service and installation manager within 2 years in the industry. Darryl has a natural leadership quality about him that shines. He is a master of all trades by association “One of the most gifted mechanical minds I’ve ever worked around” Joe Person states. As his career progressed, the realization of living a full and fruitful life also became clearer. Darryl continued to press toward leadership roles and eventually transitioned from service to sales in 2014 for many years Darryl ran HVAC replacement leads. He found himself face to face with hundreds if not thousands of scenarios selling himself and the company he represented. He was a top performer that learned the many ways to approach the sales side of what we do and continued to climb. At the top of his game another leadership swing was being born. With a move to Florida’s Emerald Coast, to be a Service Manager Darryl gained experience in condo and project management, rental agreements (commercial and residential) inventory specialties and dispatch strategy. Darryl once again found himself managing a team or techs. One thing has always been consistent. Darryl’s ability to clearly communicate, educate and teach with passion that comes from within. Darryl now works as a full-time success coach and put his 20 plus years of learning, experience, teachings to work for his clients.