Dillon Phipps

Dillon Phipps

An Accidental Path to Extraordinary Success

Imagine being seven years old standing on a milk crate to ring a cash register – the kind that didn’t automatically calculate change. That was Dillon Phipps at his parent’s convenience store on a recreational lake in Oklahoma. From an early age Dillon learned about business and how to take care of customers. Part of that business was the scuba shop in the back of the store. His parents were instructors. So not only was he a clerk, he was a fish too.

Dillon went on to attend Oklahoma State University, obtaining a degree in business management. While attending college, he started working at a sporting goods store and worked his way up to store manager.

After graduating from college Dillon went to work for Chris Hunter at Hunter Heat and Air. Dillon was employee number six. Over the next ten years he not only learned the operations inside and out, but was a comfort advisor as well.

With a solid foundation of sales and operations under his belt, Dillon joined the Go Time Success Group as employee number one. As the Operations Manager, Dillon coordinates all client interaction, accounts receivable, scheduling and tracking. He’s even tasked to learn new software programs, applications and other aspects of technology that ensure our client’s experience. Basically, Dillon keeps the ship sailing smooth in all kinds of weather.

Dillon is married to Amy and has twin daughters Rebel and Skylar, daughters Hannah and Kinley and son Landon. Family is of extreme importance with favorite activities including boating / lake time, snow skiing and trips to the coast. Fishing and duck hunting are also high on the priority list.

The pattern of trajectory once Dillon joins a company is straight up. We can hardly wait!

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