Jeremy Wickenhauser

Jeremy Wickenhauser

”Well okay, you broke the tractor. Now what are you going to do?”

Jeremy’s dad when the family tractor broke down. He went on to encourage and guide Jeremy, but he wouldn’t tell him how to fix it. Based on what his dad had already taught him about the tractor, Jeremy eventually figured out the problem and fixed it…because that’s what you did when you grew up on a farm.

A few decades later and Jeremy is still figuring out and fixing problems. Only today it’s as a Certified ServiceTitan Coach for the Go Time Success Group. Jeremy is the first Certified ServiceTitan coach in Canada.

After graduating from Saskatchewan Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business & Accountancy, Jeremy handled operation management duties for two trucking firms and a supervisory position for a manufacturing company.

Jeremy began his skilled trades’ career as a dispatcher for a plumbing and heating company and became the company’s IT and software expert. Installing, navigating, and maintaining a series of software initiatives like ERP, estimating and service management systems, Jeremy discovered a perfect playground for his fix-the-tractor mindset and talent.

Even though Jeremy did not have technical HVAC training, he would perform ride-alongs with technicians and uncovered a talent for helping the techs to run a more efficient service call by developing and fine-tuning processes – a skill he continued to hone while working inside the service office.

From the farm to college to various management positions to an HVAC company, Jeremy’s love of learning, solving problems and helping people brought him to the Go Time Success Group and the perfect position to utilize his knowledge, skill, and talents.

Jeremy is married to Amie and they have two children, Aiden and Skylar. Two dogs round out the family. Jeremy and Amie are true urban homesteaders. If they can repair it, innovate it or make it better, they do it themselves. Amie followed through on one home project even though she had a broken leg and was pregnant. If they need to fell trees on the property, they do it themselves – then they use the wood to make stuff. They’re into greenhouse gardening, growing their own vegetables and plants.

In addition to homesteading, Jeremy and Amie are into 3D printing and crafts.