Jordan Simpson

Jordan Simpson

Jordan Simpson is our Accounting and Bookkeeping guru. This isn’t her first rodeo.

Growing up in Arkansas, Jordan’s sport of choice in high school was rodeo. Barrel racing was her specialty. Jordan didn’t particularly care for school. As long as she was outside and it involved animals, she was in her element.

So what did Jordan do after high school? She obtained a four-year college degree in Accounting. And what did Jordan, who didn’t care for school do after that? She studied for a year and a half and obtained her CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. And just to put a bow on this business with school, Jordan obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration). We can hardly wait to hear what she doesn’t care for next.

As a Certified ServiceTitan coach and a CPA with an MBA, it’s probably best not to muddy the waters with her passion for graphic design and art at this time. Of course, none of this is as important as her Faith, family and love of farm life. Along with her husband Elliot, who is an HVAC technician, the Simpson’s own a 75-acre cow-calf operation.

Following college, Jordan went to work at a public accounting firm. After that she worked as an accounting manager at Atchley Air, for fellow Go Time Success Group coach Mike Atchley. Mike sold his company and Jordan went on to become a Controller for a general transportation and logistics firm.

Jordan has a slight distaste (we tend to understate) for when companies do not aggressively pursue solutions for problems, issues and to in general, make operations run better. Combine that with a passion for helping people and it was a perfect match between her and the Go Time Success Group.

Today Jordan applies her love of analytical and organizational skills, attention to detail, contracting and self-motivation to guide Go Time Success Group as they continue to exceed their growth projections.