Lorenzo Plaath

Certified ServiceTitan Coach

Specializes in: Technology, Software, and Project Management

Lorenzo Plaath

Lorenzo Plaath is a diamond.

Forged in unimaginable subterranean pressures and temperatures, diamonds are rare and the hardest natural substance on Earth.

Forged in decades of executive level digital technology and leadership, Lorenzo is a rare example of a digital technology expert leader and of someone with a deep and passionate desire to help people succeed and transform their businesses.

Lorenzo was born and raised in South Africa. His native language is Afrikaans and speaks English fluently.

Armed with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, Lorenzo began working for the De Beers Group in the early 2000s as an IM Systems Team Lead. His journey was one of steady and continuous ascent within the De Beers’ IT world.

A high point for Lorenzo while with the De Beers group was in the design and development of a diamond auditing and accounting platform for the international diamond company. The process starts with the mine engineers and exploration staff and culminates with the sale of the diamond.

This process was organized in a Microsoft Access database and designed to have data fed automatically from various systems. The application was upgraded by software engineers with a secure SQL backend and an HTML front end and is still in use today.

Along with a few other executive level IT jobs Lorenzo eventually ended up working for Service Experts in Information Technology thereby completing his journey from diamonds to HVAC.

Lorenzo ran a team for Service Experts tasked with sourcing service software management systems. They finally settled on ServiceTitan. One major challenge was the integration of Service Expert’s archaic software system. Lorenzo, his team and ServiceTitan executives persevered, worked it out and made it happen.

Here is one snippet from his Service Experts’ responsibilities followed by accumulated skills.

  • Responsibilities: Lead comprehensive Enercare digital & technology transformation roadmap and strategy which includes the implementation of SAP S4HANA, SalesForce, Click Field Services, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Developing Enterprise IT Strategy across two business units and 93 operating companies across North America. Part of an integrated senior leadership team that developed a business strategy to combine Enercare and Service Experts through people, process and technology.
  • Skills: Business Analysis · Data Centers · Software as a Service (SaaS) · Business Intelligence (BI) · Leadership · Agile Methodologies · Information Technology · Cybersecurity · Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) · Strategy · Executive Management · Cloud Computing · IT Management · IT Strategy · Project Management · IT Service Management · Business Process Improvement · IT Operations · Security · Disaster Recovery.

To better relate to the world of an HVAC contractor Lorenzo completed a deep and immersive dive into the operations of a Dallas HVAC company. He performed technician and installer ride-a-longs and participated in all facets of the operations.

We took time in detailing a very small portion of Lorenzo’s executive level Information Technology and Management experience here because there are many home service companies that operate within very large infrastructures including multiple branch outlets. This is a strength, a wheelhouse for Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is married to Rolanda and they have two adult children, Matthew who is pursuing a career in professional Portuguese football (soccer) and Serena who has a degree in business and studies cyber security.

Lorenzo and Rolanda are faith-based, enjoy working out, watching soccer and spending time on the beach.