Stephanie Fritz

Stephanie Fritz

Imagine graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and then embarking on the greatest year-long, cross-country professional learning adventure of your life!

Stephanie enrolled in Bethlehem Steel’s prestigious management training program, the Loop Course. She traveled the country for one year, working in sales, marketing, customer service, purchasing, product scheduling, product development, and more at various locations. Stephanie describes the “looping” between departments as the best education she’s ever received.

The only thing that could have prepared Stephanie for the world of HVAC more than her ten-plus years working in industrial sales for Bethlehem Steel was the ten-plus years she spent following that role, as a stay-at-home Mom. Following both educational and life experiences, Stephanie began her career in home services with Direct Energy and its subsidiary SGI/Certain Path as an account manager and then as a client relationship manager/onboarding coach. From herding industrial sales clients to shepherding children, Stephanie might have been overqualified for her role in HVAC.

The final stop before The Go Time Success Group was Service Nation Inc. First as a business advisor and then as sales director.

Looping between departments at Bethlehem Steel provided intricate knowledge of how a large corporation’s gears mesh and a big-picture view of complicated processes. Although on a much different scale, contractors appreciate this relationship when their service technicians transition from diagnosing a box to diagnosing a system. Stephanie’s experience and knowledge of coaching potential help clients untangle and uncomplicate processes while looking at the whole of their business.

Stephanie’s aura changes and the room brightens when she transitions from career history to her passion: helping people and companies transform and succeed. Attention to detail is a must. She believes small, positive, and consistent steps help businesses grow and prosper. A client’s success story brings immense fulfillment and joy!

Stephanie’s growing family includes son Nathan, a software development engineer, daughter-in-law Jordan, grandson Henry and Eloise, who is about to make her world debut in May 2024; son Brandon, a graduate of the University of Florida; and daughter Erin, who is about to graduate from The University of Oklahoma. Her interests include traveling, physical fitness, strength training, Pilates, gardening, and outdoor activities like walking and hiking.