Rachel Young

Rachel Young

I before we except after never.

Rachel Young is a faith-based family woman who grew up in an entrepreneurial household centered around the family floral shop. From floral shop chores to tutoring other teenagers she developed a passion to help others. In fact Rachel’s first career ambition was to become a nurse, perhaps the defining role in society today when it comes to helping others.

Rachel married early in adulthood however, and decided to pursue an opportunity to become a chiropractor’s assistant. It was a great decision. She soon found a very influential mentor at the practice. A demanding woman who didn’t accept mediocrity. Rachel’s mentor instilled the importance of high level customer service and process oriented business work.

Talk to Rachel for any length of time and an endearing and powerful characteristic quickly surfaces. Rachel is the epitome of teamwork. I before we except after never. She is a true servant leader.

Ben Young, Rachel’s husband and his family owned an HVAC business. She helped out in the summers while in her late teens. Rachel continued to work in the business for a handful of years and then in 2014 she joined Ben in buying out the company and running it. Ben was the visionary and Rachel was the implentor – the get it done person.

Moving through all of the office positions, Rachel continued to hone her love and expertise for taking care of customers, building teams, developing / evolving workflow, processes and marketing. The slot in Rachel’s DNA which is right next to “all things team” is a hardcore determination to become more efficient. This talent manifests and comes to life in the creation, maintenance and improvement of workflow and processes.

In 2016 Rachel found herself with a world class vehicle to drive her passion to make things more efficient: ServiceTitan service management software. As she learned the software she learned how it improved customers’ experience.

A couple of years later Ben and Rachel sold their business. Ben stayed on with the company. Rachel helped on and off until she found a new home for her talents and passion with the Go Time Success Group.

When it comes to ServiceTitan, one of Rachel’s superpowers is as a former home service business owner and someone who has worked in all of the office positions. She understands the challenges, at a very deep level, from both sides.

Rachel and Ben have two children, Hayden and Henry. Rachel is a foodie who loves to cook. She loves to travel, exploring new things on the road. The family, which includes furry little critters, are huge Disney and Star War fans. They absolutely love Disneyland.